Question: I had trouble sleeping when I had pain.

Question Text: 
I had trouble sleeping when I had pain.
Common Data Elements
CDE Long NamePreferred DefinitionCDE ID
PROMIS Pediatric Short Form 8a Pain Interference v1.0 3793R1 Past 7 Days Trouble Sleeping When in Pain Score 5 Point ScaleA child's stated observation of how often in the past 7 days they had trouble sleeping when they had pain, using a five-point Likert scale.4633491
Valid Values
ValueValue MeaningDescriptionDisplay Order
0NeverNot ever; at no time in the past (or future).0
1Almost NeverA subjective answer that something rarely happens.1
3OftenOn many occasions, or in many situations.3
4Almost AlwaysA subjective answer that something happens very frequently.4